Cricket Comedy Central: The Ultimate Collection of Cricket Jokes

1. Why did the cricket team go to the bank?
   Because they wanted to get their balance right!

2. What do you call a cricket match that’s fixed?
    A crick-het!

3. Why do cricketers make great gardeners?
    Because they’re experts at handling grass!

4. Why did the cricket ball go to school?
    Because it wanted to improve its bowling skills!

5. How do cricketers stay cool during a match?
    They stand next to the fans!

6. Why did the cricket player bring string to the game?
    Because he wanted to tie up the score!

7. What do you call a cricket team that can’t play the game?
    A “lost” cause!

8. Why don’t cricketers ever play hide and seek?
    Because good players are always in the spotlight!

9. How do cricketers keep their pants up?
    With a “bowl”ing belt!

10. What’s a cricket player’s favorite type of music?
     Anything with a good “beat”!