How To Identify a Married – Funny School Jokes

Madam in the mathematics class ask to the students, “There were three birds in a tree. A hunter shot one to dead. How many birds will left there?”

The first boy of the class Laltu said, “Ma’am, none will stay because all will fly away by hearing the sound of shooting.”

Then Madam said, “Look, Laltu, this is Mathematics class. So, two birds will remain after one down among the three. However, your idea seems pretty good to me.”

Standing up, Laltu said, “Ma’am, I have a question as well.”

Madam said, “Ask.”

Laltu said, “Three girls were eating ice-cream sitting in a park. One girl was having it biting, one licking and one chewing. Who was married among the three, Ma’am?”

Being blushed in shy, Madam thought that she would have to be embarrassed before the students if she failed to answer the question.
So, she said, “Look, Laltu, the girl who was chewing ice-cream was married.”

After that, Laltu said, “No, Ma’am, you are wrong. The girl who had vermilion on her forehead was married. Yet, your idea also sounded good to me.”