Funny Wedding Jokes That Will Help You Survive Your Friend’s Wedding

1. “Why did the bride and groom run to the altar?
     Because it was time to take their vows!”

2. “Why did the wedding cake go to the doctor?
      Because it had a lot of tiers!”

3. “Why did the bride’s mother-in-law give her a broom on her wedding day?
     Because she wanted her to sweep the groom off his feet!”

4. “Why did the wedding photographer go bankrupt?
     Because he couldn’t stop taking shots!”

5. “Why did the bride and groom go to a party supply store before their wedding?
     They wanted to tie the knot!”

6. “Why did the bride ask the groom to carry her across the threshold?
     Because she didn’t want to get her dress dirty!”

7. “Why did the groom wear a tuxedo to his outdoor wedding?
     He wanted to look sharp!”

8. “Why did the bride’s father cry during the wedding ceremony?
     Because he gave away his daughter, and now he had to pay for the reception!”

9. “Why did the wedding band break up?
     Because they couldn’t agree on the key issues!”

10.”Why did the wedding cake taste so bad?
      Because the baker forgot to put the sugar in the recipe!”