Laugh Your Way Through the Campaign Trail: Hilarious Political Jokes Compilation

1. Why did the scarecrow run for office?
   Because he was outstanding in his field!

2. How do politicians stay cool during a heatwave?
    They use their fans!

3. Why don’t politicians ever play hide and seek?
    Because good luck hiding when you can’t even keep a promise!

4. What’s a politician’s favorite game?
     Spin the truth!

5. How many politicians does it take to change a lightbulb?
    Two: one to change it and another to change it back again!

6. Why was the math book sad during the political rally?
    Because it had too many problems it couldn’t solve!

7. Did you hear about the politician who lost an election and tried to become a baker? He couldn’t make                    enough  dough!

8. Why did the politician bring a ladder to the election?
    Because he wanted to raise the bar!

9. How do you make a politician stop smiling?
    Tell them the cameras are off!

10. What do you call a group of politicians at the bottom of the ocean?
     A good start!