Amazing Best Funny Gaming Jokes

1. Why did the computer go to the doctor?
   Because it had a virus!

2. Why did the gamer throw his phone out the window?
    Because he heard there was a new console coming out!

3. Why did the gaming couple break up?
    Because one of them was too controlling in the game!

4. Why did the Minecraft player get lost in the woods?
    Because he couldn’t find his way out of his own world!

5. Why did the console gamer get a job at the fast food restaurant?
    Because he wanted to level up his fry-cooking skills!

6. Why did the gamer go to the dentist?
    To get a new joystick!

7. Why did the chicken play video games?
    To get to the other side of the screen!

8. Why did the console gamer go to the library?
    To check out the latest strategy guides!

9. Why don’t gamers like math?
    Because they prefer to play games without numbers!

10. Why did the gamer go on a diet?
     So he could level up his agility!