Best 10 Funny Gaming jokes – Funny Jokes Of The Day

1. What do you call a lazy gamer?
   An AFK-er!

2. Why did the gamer go to the dentist?
   To get his Bluetooth headset fixed!

3. Why do gamers love the winter season?
    Because it’s the perfect time to “chill” with their games!

4. What do you call a gamer who has never played Fortnite?

5. What did the Call of Duty character say to the Battlefield character?
   “Your game is just a wannabe!”

6. Why did the Minecraft player go to the doctor?
     He had a blockage!

7. What do you call a gamer who doesn’t shower?
    A smellegend!

8. Why don’t video games get cold?
    Because they always have their fans on!

9. Why did the PlayStation character refuse to date the Xbox character?
    They had too many compatibility issues!

10. What do you get when you cross a gamer with a comedian?
    A game-jester!