Cricketers Try Not to Laugh Challenge: Funniest Cricket Jokes Ever

1. Why don’t cricketers ever go on vacation?
    Because they’re afraid of getting caught at slip!

2. What did the cricket ball say to the bat?
    “Don’t hit me, I’m a little stumped!”

3. Why was the cricket team so good at dancing?
    Because they had great spinners!

4. What did the coach say to the cricket team before the big game?
    “Don’t be stumped, just bat your best!”

5. Why was the cricket player always so cool?
    Because he had a lot of fans!

6. What’s a cricket player’s favorite subject in school?

7. What did the cricket ball do when it crossed the road?
    It hopped to the other side!

8. Why did the cricket player go to the bank?
    To get his century checked!

9. Why did the cricket team go to the bakery?
    They wanted to get some good ‘runs’!

10. What do cricketers do when they need a break?
     They go for a “tea” break and hope it’s not too hot to handle!