Election Year Comedy Special: Unmasking the Funniest Political Moments

1. Why don’t politicians go to the beach?
   Because they can’t help but flip-flop!

2. How do you organize a space party?
    You “planet”!

3. Why did the scarecrow become a successful politician?
    Because he was outstanding in his field!

4. Why did the politician bring a ladder to the election?
    He wanted to take his campaign to the next level!

5. What do you call a group of politicians in hot tubs?
    A “whirlpool” of hot air!

6. What’s a politician’s favorite type of math?
    Subtraction, because they love cutting costs!

7. Why was the math book sad during the election season?
    Because it had too many problems to solve!

8. Why do politicians make terrible poker players?
    Because they always fold under pressure!

9. What did one politician say to the other at the salad bar?
    “Lettuce govern with good taste!”

10. Why don’t politicians ever get lost?
     Because wherever they are, they always know which way is “right”!