When Cricket Gets Silly: Funniest Moments in the Game

1. Why did the cricket player bring a ladder to the game?
   Because he wanted to catch a high ball!

2. What do you call a cricket player who never gets out?

3. Why did the cricket team go to the bank?
    To get their bowling, batting, and fielding accounts balanced!

4. What did the cricket ball say to the bat?
    “Don’t hit me, I’m out of bounds!”

5. How do cricket players stay cool in the summer?
    They use their fans!

6. Why was the cricket team so good at math?
    Because they had lots of runs to count!

7. What do you call a cricket player with an injured leg?
    A hopportunity!

8. Why don’t cricketers ever get lost?
    Because they always follow the stumps!

9. What’s a cricket player’s favorite type of music?
     Swing music!

10. How do crickets communicate with each other on the field?
     They use their “chirping” skills!