Epic Cricket Jokes and Puns: You’ll Be Bowled Over with Laughter

1. Why did the cricket team go to the bank?
   To get their bowlers!

2. What do you call a cricket player who never takes a bath?
    Stinky Wicket!

3. Why don’t cricketers go to the bakery?
    Because they can’t resist buns!

4. How do cricket players stay cool in the summer?
    They stand next to their fans!

5. What do you call a cricket match in which all the batsmen get out for zero?
    A big duck soup!

6. Why was the cricket team so good at math?
    Because they had lots of “sum” runs!

7. What’s a cricket player’s favorite type of music?

8. Why was the cricket ball in therapy?
    Because it had been hit for too many sixes and needed
    some boundary counseling!

9. What did the cricket ball say to the cricket bat?
    “Don’t hit me, I’ll get stumped!”

10. Why was the cricket team always in trouble with the law?
      Because they kept breaking the wickets!