Amazing Fake Teacher and Student

An Inspector has come to a village to inspect a school. Entered in to the class eight classroom and asked a question to a student…

Inspector : What is the name of our President ?

Student : Norendra Modi.

Inspector : I’ve asked you the name of our President.

Student : Pesident ? Sir, Soniya Gandhi.

Inspector : How you’ve promoted to class eight ? I’ll expel you from this school.

Student : Sir, how you’ll expel me ? I am not the student of any school.

Inspector : (Angry) What ? Are you not the student anymore ? What does this mean ?

Student : Ya, I’m a cow boy and and bring my cattle to the school field for grazing. Sir told me that he’ll give me 10 rupees to sit in the classroom.

Inspector : Bo ! Mr. teacher, you should be ashamed. Are you starting business with education ? I’ ll fire you.

Class Teacher : Yoo ! You can’t fire me. I’m not the teacher. Have you seen a grocery shop in-front of the school gate ? That is mine. The original teacher told me that a man would come from town and just stay and sit in the classroom, he needs to go to the market.

The inspector became angry and went to the Head Master’s room.

Inspector : Are you the head master of this school ?

Head Master : Any problem sir ?

Inspector : What are you doing this ? Conducting this school with some fake teachers and students.

Head Master : Sorry sir ! Actually I’m not the head master. My uncle is the original head master. He is a land broker also, and gone to other village with his customer to visit a land. He told me to give this one thousand rupees bundle to you, if you come to visit this school.

Inspector : (Happy) Okay , I am not saying anything to you all. But next time I’ll not forgive you. Actually I am not the inspector, the original inspector is my uncle also. He is now too busy with his construction business. Today he has gone to the City Corporation to drop the tender. He told me to visit this school on behalf of him !!


Actually this joke, which is being read by you, is not mine. I also copy and paste it here… !!!