Best Jokes Father and Son Take on the Spiciest Food Challenge and Regret It Instantly

1. Why did the father get a tattoo of a refrigerator on his arm?
   So that his son would stop opening it every 5 minutes.

2. Why did the dad cross the road?
    To get away from his son’s bad jokes.

3. What do you call a dad who’s good at telling jokes?
    A faux-pa.

4. Why did the son bring a ladder to school?
    To reach new heights in his education, according to his dad.

5. What do you call a dad who’s into astronomy?
    A pop star.

6. Why did the dad buy his son a dictionary for his birthday?
    He wanted him to learn the meaning of “no”.

7. Why did the dad bring a calculator to the dinner table?
    To help his son do the math and figure out how much longer he had to suffer through dinner.

8. Why did the dad take his son to the pet store?
    So he could show him where all the dad jokes come from.

9. Why did the dad make his son wear a shirt with a “Y” on it?
    So he could tell people he has a “son-y”.

10. Why did the dad take his son to the movie theater with a loaf of bread?
     So he could see “Loaf is a Battlefield”.