Game Overload: Top 10 Ridiculous Gaming Moments That Will Make You Snort

1. Why did the gamer bring a ladder to the video game convention?
    Because he heard the competition was “on another level!”

2. What did the gamer say to the broken console?
    “You can’t handle my button-mashing skills!”

3. Why was the math book sad during the video game session?
    Because it couldn’t compete with the number of “kills” the gamer was racking up!

4. Why did the gamer go to school?
    To get his degree in “Ctrl+Alt+Delete”!

5. How do you know if a gamer is lying?
    Their joystick is moving!

6.Why don’t video game characters ever win at hide and seek?
   Because they always respawn in the same place!

7. What do you call a group of gamers at a coffee shop?
   A LAN-party latte!

8. Why did the console break up with the controller?
    Because it couldn’t handle the pressure!

9. How do you catch a gamer’s attention?
    Start a conversation about mods and DLCs!

10. Why did the gamer bring a spoon to the gaming tournament?
     In case they needed to “spoon-feed” the competition!