Girl Friend of Husband and Boyfriend of Wife

Both Husband and Wife has GF and BF

Michael and his girlfriend is on sitting in the park………

Girlfriend : Why are you keeping your beard ? If you shave your beard, it’ll be looked very nice.
Michael : My wife likes it. If I shave it, she will be more angry.

Girlfriend : You’ve kept your beard for the interest of your wife. But, now you’ll shave it once for me. I’ll never say it again.
Michael : OK, my sweet heart.

After that he went to saloon and had his beard cut. Moreover,  making a phone call to his wife, he told,  ” He’ll go back home late night”.

Returning  back home, he could see that his wife is sleeping and being fresh he laid down soundlessly just beside his wife.
Into the sleeping his wife ideally put her hand in Michael’s face.
Waking up suddenly from sleep and said,
Wife : Haven’t you gone till now John !  It has been time to come of my husband…!!