The Income and Earnings are not Bad !

Three fathers are talking about their sons career….

1st Father : My son is doing well in his business and has earned a lot of properties and money. He earned as much as he has gifted a house to one of his friend in the last month.

2nd Father : My son also earned a lot by doing business. He also gifted an expensive hotel suit to one of his friend in the last month.

3rd Father : Although my son is not a business man , he has earned a huge and is in a good  position in his career. Also the income and earning is so good that he gifted a Jaguar car to one of his friend.

Meanwhile another friend of these three fathers has presented on there. The three fathers asked their friend about his son’s career.

4th Father : (Angrily said) Please don’t ask about that scoundrel . He has destroyed my honor. He is a gay.. but the income and earnings are not bad. In the last month he has being a owner of a house, a Presidential suit and a Jaguar car !