What are you using to knock the door ? – Knock Knock Jokes.

Knock Knock Jokes of Husband and Wife

A gentleman decided to test his willing power,  to do this he would refrain from intercourse with his wife for three months. In spite of her disinterest the wife had to agree with his husband’s proposal.

They didn’t face any problem in the first few weeks. The problem started from the second month. Then the women went to sleep by wearing burqa and chewing garlic. After spending the second month hardly, their sufferings really started in the third month. The gentleman was forced by his wife to sleep on the sofa in the drawing room and set a latch of her bed room’s door at night.

Thus the three months ended. After the very first day early in the morning the gentleman knocked on the door of the bedroom.

Knock knock knock !

Husband : Tell me who I am ?

Wife : I know who you are. (Said with cheer !)

Husband : Tell me what do I want ?

Wife : I know what you want !

Husband : Tell me what I am using to knock the door ? !!!