A newly married couple – Dirty Funny Jokes.

Newly Married Couple

Its 11 a.m.
As one newly married couple are not being out from bride chamber,  the parents of groom are a little worried because of not being come out to their newly married elder son !

Father is ashamed to call him and asked to his younger son,
Father : Did you see your elder brother?
Younger Son : I have not seen in the morning. However, in the last middle night I saw him once !!
Father : Say what !! How did you see him?
Younger Son : Last night, my brother came to me for ‘ Vaseline ‘.
Father : Did you give him Vaseline?
Younger Son : I gave, but..
Father : But?
Younger son : Getting up in the morning, I’m unable to find out the container of Glue which was kept just beside the Vaseline.