Virtual Laughter Fest: Dive Into the World of Virtual Humor

1. Why did the computer go to therapy?
    Because it had too many bytes of emotional baggage!

2. Why did the smartphone break up with the calculator?
    It just couldn’t count on it anymore!

3. Why don’t programmers like nature?
    It has too many bugs!

4. Why was the JavaScript developer sad?
     Because he didn’t know how to “null” his feelings!

5. How does a computer get drunk?
    It takes screenshots!

6. Why was the math book sad?
     Because it had too many problems!

7. Why don’t programmers like nature?
    It doesn’t have Wi-Fi!

8. Why was the IT guy always calm?
    Because he had everything under Ctrl!

9. Why don’t scientists trust atoms?
    Because they make up everything!

10. Why did the computer catch a cold?
      Because it left its Windows open!