Woman VS Man


Woman : Thinks that husband will change after marriage, but it doesn’t happen.
Man : Thinks that the lover will remain the same even after marriage, but it doesn’t happen.


Man : Every man wants to be a woman’s first love.
Woman : Every woman wants they would be their lover’s last love.


Woman : After breaking up the relation women start crying by hugging her nearest friend or start writing ‘Men are Fool” like poems and try to start a new life.
Man : Even after six months of breakup, man make phone call to his ex lover and throw some dialogue like “Witch ! You’ve ruined my life”


Woman : Make a list of necessary items, go to shop and buy all.
Man : Man doesn’t want to go to shop until his wife start shouting that all household goods are finished.


Woman : Women will never spend 2 dollars to purchase 1 dollar valued item. Though it is so desirable, it doesn’t matter.
Man : Must buy whatever he likes. However he wins or deceives.

Hand Writing

Man : Don’t have any headache about hand writing. Its enough to read by any means.
Woman : Must be written in neat and clean like pearl.


Woman : In an argument the last word must be told by woman.
Man : If a man say something after woman’s speech, new argument will be started.


Woman : An woman keep in mind a man all her life who wants to marry her.
Man : Keep in mind the women whom he could not marry.