How to Get Your Cat to Stop Changing Your Netflix Password (Funny Tutorial)

1. “Why do programmers love Netflix?
    Because they know it’s the only place where buffering is acceptable.”

2. “I told my wife I’d do the dishes,
     but then Netflix asked if I was still watching,
    and I had to make a tough decision.”

3. “Netflix and chill?
     More like Netflix and ‘are you still watching?'”

4. “I’m on a new diet where I only watch Netflix and eat ice cream.
      It’s called the ‘binge-watching’ diet.”

5. “Why don’t Netflix characters ever need therapy?
     Because they all have ‘buffering’ to work out their issues!”

6. “I tried to watch a horror movie on Netflix,
     but my Wi-Fi went down. Now, I have a fear of buffering.”

7. “Netflix should have a ‘skip intro’ button for awkward life moments, l
     ike when you say ‘you too’ to the waiter who tells you to enjoy your meal.”

8. “I’m not addicted to Netflix;
     I’m just in a committed relationship with it.”

9. “Why did the scarecrow get a Netflix subscription?
     He wanted to improve his ‘watch-tower’ skills.”

10. “If Netflix ever started a dating service,
       they’d match you based on your binge-watching preferences.
      ‘You both like crime documentaries and romantic comedies. It’s a match!'”