Politicians Try Stand-Up Comedy: Can They Make You Laugh

1. Why did the scarecrow run for political office?
    Because he was outstanding in his field!

2. I asked my computer for some political jokes,
    and it gave me a list of candidates.

3. Why did the politician bring a ladder to the debate?
    Because he wanted to raise the bar!

4. How do politicians stay cool during a heatwave?
    They use their fans!

5. Why did the politician bring a pencil to the election?
    In case he had to draw up new policies on the spot!

6. I told my friend a political joke, but it took them a while to get it.
    I guess you could say it had a delayed reaction.

7. Why did the politician go to the bank?
    To get his campaign finances in order!

8. What’s a politician’s favorite exercise?
    Running for office!

9. Why was the math book sad during the political campaign?
    Because it had too many problems to solve!

10. Why did the scarecrow become a better politician than the others?
    Because he had a way of standing up for what he believed in
   without flip-flopping!