Awesome Funny Of Virtual jokes

1. Why did the computer get glasses?
   It couldn’t CTRL its vision!

2. Why was the math book sad?
    Because it had too many problems!

3. Why was the tomato blushing?
    Because it saw the salad dressing!

4. How do you organize a space party?
    You “planet”!

5. What did the green grape say to the purple grape?
   “Breathe, dude, breathe!”

6. Why did the scarecrow win an award?
    Because it was outstanding in its field!

7. What did the ocean say to the beach?
    Nothing, it just waved!

8. Why don’t skeletons fight each other?
    They don’t have the guts!

9. Why did the bicycle fall over?
    Because it was two-tired!

19. What’s the best way to communicate with a fish?
     Drop it a line!