Best 10 Funniest Wedding Toast You’ll Ever Hear

1. Why did the bride’s smartphone break up with the groom’s smartphone?
   They had no reception.

2. Why did the groom wear a tuxedo to his wedding?
    Because it was a formal event, and he didn’t want to look shabby.

3. Why did the bride’s wedding dress need to be ironed?
    Because it was full of knots and tangles.

4. Why did the bride and groom get married in a zoo?
    Because they wanted to get “hitched” like the animals.

5. Why did the wedding cake go to the dentist?
    To get its filling.

6. Why did the bride’s mother-in-law give her a pair of running shoes as a wedding gift?
    Because she thought she might need to run away from her son someday.

7. Why did the bride wear a veil on her wedding day?
    To hide her tears of joy when she saw the bill for the wedding.

8. Why did the wedding guests need to wear sunglasses?
    Because the bride’s ring was so big, it was blinding.

9. Why did the groomsmen wear suits to the wedding?
    Because if they wore their regular clothes, they’d look too much like the groom.

10. Why did the bride and groom have a pirate-themed wedding?
      Because they wanted to “tie the knot” with a “hook”.