Best 15 Funny Social Media Instagram Vs. Real Life: Expectation vs. Comedic Reality Jokes

1. “Why did the social media addict break up with their phone?
     It just wasn’t giving them enough likes!”

2. “My favorite exercise? Scrolling down my feed.
     It’s a real thumb workout!”

3. “You know you’re addicted to social media when you have a dream about getting likes on your photos.                    #sleepylikeseverywhere”

4. “If social media platforms were food, Facebook would be a buffet,
      Instagram a fancy dessert, and Twitter a bag of mixed nuts.”

5. “Why did the Instagrammer go broke?
      They kept trying to ‘filter’ their bills!”

6. “What’s a social media influencer’s favorite subject in school?

7. “If you want to lose weight, try unfollowing all your favorite food accounts. Instant diet plan!”

8. “I tried to take a selfie while walking,
     and now I’m enrolled in a photography class for motion blur!”

9. “My friends said I should try to be more ‘engaging’ on social media,
    so now I’m practicing my engagement photos.”

10. “You know you’ve been on social media too long when you find yourself double-tapping someone’s picture           in a magazine.”

11. “If I had a dollar for every time someone posted their gym workout,
     I could afford a personal trainer!”

12. “I wish I loved anything as much as influencers
      love promoting weight loss teas.”

13. “Just saw an ad that said, ‘You won’t believe what happens next!’
     Clicked on it—turns out nothing happens. Social media strikes again!”

14. “I tried to explain Twitter to my grandparents.
      They thought I was referring to the sounds birds make!”

15. “They say the internet is a vast sea of knowledge.
       But after spending hours on it, I feel like I’m still in the kiddie pool.”