Best Funny Jokes Of Hollywood Edition – The Best Stand-Up Comedy from Tinsel town!

1. Why did the actor go broke?
   Because he lost his “cents” of direction!

2. Why did the tomato turn red during the movie?
    It saw the “film” strip!

3. Why did the actor always carry a ladder?
     In case he needed to “reach” for the stars!

4. What do you call an action movie about a rogue goat?

5. Why did the director hire a gardener?
     Because he wanted to “shoot” a green screen!

6. What’s a movie star’s favorite kind of sandwich?
    A “ham”burger!

7. Why did the actress bring a ladder to the audition?
    She heard the role required her to “rise” to the occasion!

8. Why do movie stars always look so cool?
    Because they have “fans” everywhere!

9. What do you call a movie about a killer elevator?
    “Lift or Die”!

10. Why was the actor so bad at math?
     Because he could never “count” on his fingers!