Best Amazing Funny Jokes Of Hollywood

1. What did the filmmaker say when asked about his latest romantic comedy? “It’s love at first “byte”!

2. Why did the popcorn go to therapy?
    It had too many “kernels” of emotional baggage!

3. How do actors like their coffee?
    “Stirred, not “stunt”!

4. What did one movie ticket say to the other?
    “I can’t wait to see “two”night’s show!”

5. Why did the movie star bring a ladder to the red carpet?
    So she could make a “grand” entrance!

6. Why did the filmmaker become a beekeeper?
    He wanted to create a “buzz” with his movies!

7. Why was the movie theater so cold?
    Because the air conditioning was on “film” blast!

8. What do you call a film about a haunted refrigerator?
    “The Fridge of Horrors”!

9. Why did the director choose the baker for the lead role?
    Because he knew she could “rise” to the occasion!

10. How does a movie producer greet people?
     “Lights, camera, “action”!”