Best Funny Jokes the difference between a bad video game and a vacation

1. Why did the gamer cross the road?
   To get to the arcade on the other side!

2. What do you get when you cross a computer and a skateboard?
   A scrolling mouse!

3. Why did the chicken join the game?
   To cross the road in style!

4. Why don’t ghosts play video games?
    They’re too busy haunting the old arcade machines!

5. How do you know when a game console is tired?
    It starts getting sluggish!

6. Why did Mario go to the doctor?
    He had too many mushrooms!

7. What do you call a lazy gamer?
   A joystick potato!

8. Why did the gamer bring a ladder to the arcade?
    To level up!

9. Why don’t video games go on vacation?
    They’re already pixelated!

10. Why did the chicken play Fortnite?
     To show off its feathers!