Best Jokes Streamer Reacts to Hilarious Donations – Funniest Twitch Donations Ever

1. Why do streamers like to wear headphones?
   So they can tune out the haters.

2. Why did the streamer get a degree in streaming?
    To show their parents it was a real job.

3. Why did the streamer become a plumber?
    So they could fix their stream’s leaks.

4. Why did the streamer’s viewers call them a ninja?
     Because they were so stealthy during gameplay.

5. Why did the streamer go to the gym?
    To get in shape for their camera angles.

6. Why did the streamer’s computer need a break?
    Because it was tired of all the streaming.

7. Why did the streamer’s chat become a love connection?
    Because they were all heart-eyed emojis.

8. Why did the streamer’s roommates complain?
    Because they were always screaming during their streams.

9. Why did the streamer get lost in the game?
    They forgot they were streaming and thought they were the character.

10. Why did the streamer become a weather reporter?
     So they could give their viewers a heads up on any upcoming lag storms.