Best Jokes The Funniest Wedding Speeches You’ll Ever Hear

1. Why did the bride refuse to throw her bouquet?
   She was afraid of losing her grip on the only thing she had left.

2. Why did the groom wear a tuxedo to his wedding?
    Because it was a formal occasion for making the biggest mistake of his life.

3. Why did the wedding cake go to the doctor?
    It was feeling a little tiered.

4. Why did the wedding photographer get into trouble?
    He kept saying ‘Say cheese’ to the lactose-intolerant guests.

5. Why did the bride and groom have their wedding on a farm?
    So they could say they got hitched in the barn.

6. Why did the bride run away from the wedding ceremony?
    She wanted to avoid the bouquet toss-ment.

7. Why did the best man bring a ladder to the wedding?
    Because the groom said he was ‘going to tie the knot.

8. Why did the wedding couple need an umbrella on their big day?
    In case of a ‘shower’ of blessings from above.

9. Why did the wedding guests need to bring their passports to the reception?
    Because the cake was ‘tiered’ like the Eiffel Tower.

10. Why did the bride’s father give a speech at the wedding?
     To remind the groom of his curfew.