Watch These Funny Joke Girlfriend vs Boyfriend Moments

1. Why did the boyfriend break up with the Internet?
   He found someone more interesting to scroll through.

2. Why did the girlfriend refuse to play cards with her boyfriend?
    He always tried to deal with her.

3. What did the boyfriend say to his girlfriend when she asked for some space?
    You mean like outer space?

4. How do you know if your girlfriend is cheating on you?
    She starts wearing more makeup and dressing nicer.

5. Why did the girlfriend break up with the tennis player?
    He kept serving faults.

6. What did the boyfriend say when his girlfriend asked him if he loved her more than his phone?
    Of course, my phone has a case!

7. Why did the girlfriend get angry at her boyfriend for buying her a fridge for Valentine’s Day?
    She wanted something with a little more chill.

8. What did the boyfriend say when his girlfriend asked him to buy her a diamond?
    Sorry babe, I can’t handle that kind of pressure.

9. Why did the girlfriend dump her boyfriend who worked at the bank?
     He always told her to invest in their relationship.

10. Why did the boyfriend get mad at his girlfriend for throwing away his old shoes?
     She was just trying to help him take a step in the right direction.