DIY Disasters: Laugh Along with the Internet’s Most Hilarious Home Improvement Fails

1. Cat Logic: Picture of a cat sitting in a cardboard box with the caption:
   “Buys expensive cat bed, sleeps in box.”

2. Monday vs. Friday: A split-screen image comparing a person on Monday (looking tired and grumpy) versus          the same person on Friday (energetic and smiling), with the caption: “Monday vs. Friday – The difference a             few days can make.”

3. Zoom Meetings: Picture of someone dressed formally on top and wearing pajama bottoms, with the caption:      “The official uniform of Zoom meetings.”

4. 404 Error: Image of a confused person staring at a “404 Page Not Found” error on their computer screen               with  the caption: “When you ask for directions in a foreign country and don’t speak the language.”

5. Distracted Boyfriend: A classic meme template showing a guy checking out another girl while his girlfriend          looks on disapprovingly. Caption: “Me looking at my ‘To Do’ list when I’m supposed to be studying.”

6. Expectation vs. Reality: Side-by-side images comparing an elaborately decorated cake (expectation) with a           hilariously botched attempt at replicating it (reality).

7. Social Distancing Fail: Picture of a crowded beach with people packed closely together, captioned: “Social             distancing level: Expert.”

8. DIY Projects: Image of a perfectly executed Pinterest project next to a failed attempt with the caption:                    “Nailed it!”

9. Online Shopping: Picture of someone excitedly receiving a small package, then opening it to find an absurdly       oversized item inside with the caption: “Expectation vs. reality of online shopping.”

10. Inspirational Quotes: Image of a majestic mountain landscape with the caption: “You miss 100% of the naps          you don’t take. – Abraham Lincoln”