Football Comedy Gold: Players Mic’d Up for the Funniest On-Field Chatter

1. Why did the football team go to the bank?
   To get their quarterback!

2. Why did the football coach go to the bank?
    To get his quarterback some cents!

3. Why was the football stadium so cool?
    Because it had a lot of fans!

4. Why did the football player bring string to the game?
    He wanted to tie up the score!

5. Why did the football team go to the bakery before the big game?
    They needed a good roll model!

6. Why was the football team always so good at math?
     Because they knew how to use their heads!

7. Why don’t football players do well in school?
    Because they always have too many tackles to complete!

8. Why was the football player a great musician?
    Because he had the perfect pitch!

9. What did the football say to the punter?
    “You kick me right in the feels!”

10. Why did the football team go to the library?
      To improve their defense by getting some “cover” to read!