When Umpires Go Rogue: Funniest LBW Decisions Ever Jokes

1. Why was the cricket team so good at gardening?
   Because they had the best “pitch” in town!

2. What did the cricket say to the baseball?
    “You might have bats and bases, but I’ve got googlies and LBWs!”

3. Why did the cricket player go to jail?
     He was caught behind!

4. Why do cricketers make terrible doctors?
    Because they’re always dropping catches!

5. Why did the cricket team go to the bank?
    To improve their “run” rate!

6. What do you call a cricket match in which it’s raining heavily?
    Damp squib!

7. Why did the cricket ball go to school?
    It wanted to learn how to spin!

8. What do you call a cricketer who’s always thinking about his hair?

9. Why was the cricket team so good at math?
    Because they were great at “calculating” their scores!

10. What’s a cricket’s favorite game?
      Cricket, of course – it’s a bit biased that way!