Laugh Out Loud with These 10 Side-Splitting Salesman Jokes

1. Why did the salesman go broke?
   Because he kept blowing his commission on windbreakers!

2. Why did the door-to-door vacuum salesman quit?
    He realized he was just sucking at his job.

3. Why did the shoe salesman quit?
    He just couldn’t fit in.

4. Why did the travel agent quit?
    She just didn’t have the drive to go places.

5. Why did the salesman wear a cowboy hat?
    Because he was trying to lasso some sales!

6. Why did the car salesman cross the road?
    To get to the other dealership!

7. Why did the lumber salesman sell his company?
    He was board!

8. Why did the software salesman break up with his girlfriend?
    He wanted a better interface!”

9. Why did the door-to-door salesman have a headache?
    He was knocking himself out trying to make sales.

10. Why did the mattress salesman take a nap at work?
     He was testing the product!