Politics and Punchlines: 10 Jokes That Will Make You Chuckle

1. “Why don’t politicians play hide and seek?
    Because good luck hiding a politician who’s constantly seeking votes!”

2. “Why did the politician always carry a pencil to the budget meeting?
     To erase any doubt about their spending habits!”

3. “What do you call a debate where both candidates are equally convincing?
     A draw-ma!”

4. “Why did the politician bring a ladder to the office?
    To reach the higher ups!”

5. “How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?
    Two: one to change it, and another to change it back again!”

6. “Why did the political campaign cross the road?
     To get to the other side’s voters!”

7. “What’s a politician’s favorite type of exercise?
     Jumping to conclusions!”

8. “Why don’t politicians ever get lost?
     Because no matter where they go, they’re always surrounded by constituents!”

9. “Why did the lobbyist bring a ladder to the Capitol?
     To reach the highest bidder!”

10. “What do you call a politician who’s good at math?
     An anomaly!”