Risky Business Hilariously Edgy Jokes to Brighten Your Day

1. Why don’t scientists trust atoms?
   Because they make up everything, just like politicians!

2. I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high.
   She looked surprised.

3. Why don’t skeletons fight each other?
    They don’t have the guts!

4. I used to play piano by ear,
    but now I use my hands.

5. Why did the scarecrow win an award?
    Because he was outstanding in his field!

6. I asked the gym instructor if he could teach me to do the splits. He replied, “How flexible are you?” I said, “I          can’t make it on Tuesdays.”

7. Why did the tomato turn red?
    Because it saw the salad dressing!

8. Why did the bike fall over?
    It was two-tired!

9. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot?
    A carrot!

10. Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
      Because the “P” is silent!