The Chronicles of Quarantine Hair: A Hilarious Documentary

1. “I never thought the most essential item I’d own would
    be a collection of decorative face masks.”

2. “You know you’ve reached a new level of boredom
      when you start naming the dust bunnies.”

3. “I’ve finally discovered the real purpose of socks: to muffle the sound of
     my own footsteps as I wander aimlessly around the house.”

4. “I’ve been practicing social distancing for years… but now it’s just mandatory.”

5 “I’ve washed my hands so much, I’m considering applying
    for a professional hand model job.”

6. “I miss hugging people. Now when I see someone coming towards me with open arms,
     I instinctively run the other way.”

7. “Remember when we used to sneeze or cough in public and people would say ‘bless you’ or ‘get well soon’?         Now they just give you the death stare.”

8. “I’ve officially renamed my living room ‘The Office,’ my kitchen
      ‘The Cafeteria,’ and my bedroom ‘The Bedroom Office.'”

9. “I’ve reached the point where I’ve started scheduling Zoom meetings with
      my houseplants for some much-needed social interaction.”

10 “I’ve mastered the art of nodding and smiling during video calls,
      while secretly wearing pajama bottoms.”