The Funniest Moments in Political Debates: Laugh Your Way to the Polls

1. Why did the politician bring a ladder to the debate?
    Because they wanted to raise the bar!

2. How do politicians stay cool in the summertime?
    They use a lot of spin fans!

3. Why did the scarecrow become a successful politician?
    Because he was outstanding in his field!

4. Why did the politician go to therapy?
    Because they had too many issues!

5. What do you call a group of politicians at the bottom of the ocean?
    A good start!

6. Why did the politician bring a pencil to the campaign rally?
     Because they wanted to draw in more voters!

7. How do politicians stay healthy?
    They practice “congress” yoga – they bend over backward to please everyone!

8. Why did the politician cross the road?
    To get to the other side of the aisle, of course!

9. What’s a politician’s favorite type of music?
     Lobby rock!

10. Why was the computer cold at the political fundraiser?
      Because it left its Windows open!