Virtual Joke Time: Laugh Your Way Through Remote Work

1. Why did the computer go to therapy?
    Because it had too many bytes and couldn’t process its feelings!

2. Why was the math book sad in the virtual classroom?
    It had too many problems.

3. Why did the scarecrow become a virtual meeting pro?
    Because he was outstanding in his field!

4. How do you make a virtual party cool?
    Invite an icebreaker app!

5. Why did the web developer go broke?
    Because they kept clearing their cache!

6. Why don’t keyboards ever sleep?
     Because they have two shifts.

7. What did the virtual reality headset say to the computer?
    “I need some space.”

8. Why was the computer cold during the virtual meeting?
    It left its Windows open!

9. Why don’t skeletons fight in virtual games?
    They don’t have the guts.

10. Why did the virtual conference room always get booked?
      Because it had all the right angles!