Audition Fails & Fortune: When Funny Actors Go Off the Script Jokes

1. Why did the funny actor go to therapy?
   Because he had too many “role” issues!

2. How does a funny actor greet someone?
    “Drama-tically,” of course!

3. Why was the funny actor always calm under pressure?
    Because he had mastered the art of “improv”-ing his stress levels!

4. Why did the comedian become an actor?
    Because he heard the stage had a great “cast” party!

5. What’s a funny actor’s favorite type of computer?
    One that has a lot of “byte” in its performance!

6. Why did the comedic actor bring a ladder to the audition?
    He heard the role required some “high” acting skills!

7. Why did the funny actor refuse to play cards on set?
    He was afraid he’d end up “dealing” with too much drama!

8. How did the actor make the director laugh?
    By showing up to set wearing a “costume” made of recycled scripts!

9. Why did the hilarious actor start a gardening club?
    Because he wanted to work on his “stand-up” comedy routine in the great outdoors!

10. Why was the funny actor so good at playing hide and seek?
      Because he knew how to “mask” his true intentions on the stage!