Best 10 Funny Political Jokes

1. Why did the politician refuse to play cards?
   Because they didn’t want to reveal their hand!

2. What’s a politician’s favorite exercise?

3. Why did the politician get a job at the bakery?
    Because they loved kneading the dough!

4. What’s a politician’s favorite type of footwear?
    Flip-flops—they’re always changing their stance!

5. Why did the politician become a gardener?
    Because they were skilled at planting seeds of doubt!

6. How does a politician greet each other?
    With a high five followed by a low blow!

7. Why did the politician open a bakery?
    Because they knew how to roll with the punches!

8. What’s a politician’s favorite ice cream flavor?
    Vanilla—because it never takes a strong position!

9. How do politicians stay in shape?
    They do a lot of backpedaling!

10. Why did the politician become a chef?
     Because they were great at serving up half-baked ideas!