Best 10 Word Funny Netflix jokes

1. Why did the spider become addicted to Netflix?
   It loved catching up on its web series!

2. What did one Netflix series say to the other?
   “You’re a show-stopper!”

3. Why did the ghost subscribe to Netflix?
    It wanted to catch up on all the horror shows it missed in the afterlife!

4. What’s a Netflix user’s favorite pickup line?
    “Are you a Netflix original? Because you’re one of a kind!”

5. How does a pirate watch Netflix?
    They log in with “Arrr, matey” as their password!

6. Why did the tree prefer watching Netflix over going to the movies?
    It didn’t want to leaf its cozy spot!

7. Why did the comedian cancel their Netflix stand-up special? They heard the audience was always pressing         the “skip” button!

8. What do you call a Netflix series about a group of cows? “Moo-vie Night”!

9. Why did the smartphone subscribe to Netflix?
     Because it was tired of being just a “cell” phone!

10. What did the Netflix series say to the comedy show?
     “You’re hilarious, but you’ll never beat me in binge- watching!”