Funny Netflix Parodies Hilarious Spoofs of Popular Netflix Serie Jokes

1. Why did the scarecrow sign up for Netflix?
   Because it heard there were a lot of corny movies!

2. What do you call a binge-watching vampire?
    Netflix and chills!

3. Why did the math teacher cancel her Netflix subscription? She thought it was dividing the attention of her            students!

4. Why did the chicken watch Netflix?
    It wanted to see which came first,
    the chicken or the egg on the show!

5. I asked my dog what he thought of Netflix.
    He said, “It’s pawsome!”

6. Why did the tomato turn red while watching a Netflix series? It saw the trailer and got tomatoed with                    spoilers!

7. Why was the Netflix series about gardening so short?
    Because it had too many seasons!

8. What did the Netflix subscriber say to the boring show? “You’re not my type, let’s break the stream!”

9. Why do fish love watching Netflix?
    Because they can stream all their favorite shows on “Finnflix”!

10. How did the Netflix show become a magician?
     It disappeared after just one season!