Best Funny Jokes How does a gamer greet their friends

1. What do you call a gamer who only plays sports games?
   A jock nerd.

2. Why did the gamer quit their job?
    Because they heard there was a better respawn point in another game.

3. How many gamers does it take to change a light bulb?
    None, they prefer to play in the dark.

4. Why did the gamer go to the gym?
    To increase their gaming muscle memory.

5. Why did the video game character go to the therapist?
    To deal with all of their side quests.

6. What do you call a gamer who has a lot of money?
    A Pay-to-Play-er.

7. Why did the gamer eat the memory card?
    To gain extra lives.

8. Why did the gamer start a band?
    Because they heard that there was a high score to beat.

9. What do you call a gamer who is always cold?
    A Freeze Mage.

10. Why did the gamer cross the street?
     To get to the arcade on the other side.