Best Funny Jokes Thief Gets Lost in the Police Station

1. Why did the thief take a shower before he stole from the police station?
    He wanted to make a clean getaway!

2. Why did the thief cross the road?
     To get to the police station and steal their donuts.

3. Why did the police hire a thief?
     They wanted someone with inside knowledge.

4. Why did the thief return the stolen wallet?
     The police offered a reward and he wanted to claim it himself.

5. Why did the thief get lost in the police station?
     He couldn’t find his way to the cells.

6. Why did the police give the thief a map?
    They wanted him to find his way to the cells.

7. Why did the thief join the police force?
    He wanted to work on the right side of the law for once.

8. Why did the police hire the thief as a detective?
    They needed someone with experience in criminal activities.

9. Why did the thief refuse to rob the police station?
     He didn’t want to get caught in his own trap.

10. Why did the thief steal a police car?
      He wanted to get away from the police station in style!