Best Funny Work From Home Jokes

1. I asked my boss for a raise while working from home. He said he’d consider it. I guess “considering” means         “forgetting” in boss language.

2. Working from home has made me realize that I have no real hobbies, just various ways of avoiding work.

3. I have a love-hate relationship with video meetings. I love that I can attend them in my pajamas, but I hate            that everyone can see my bedhead.

4. My cat thinks my laptop is her personal sunbathing spot. I can’t argue with her logic; it does get pretty warm.

5. My office chair at home is much comfier than the one at work. It’s a great place for midday power naps.

6. Working from home has taught me that my productivity is inversely proportional to the proximity of my bed.

7. I’ve become an expert at quickly muting myself on conference calls just in case my dog decides to have a           barking fit.

8. I tried setting up a home office, but my couch insisted on being part of the team. It’s now my official co-               worker.

9. The only traffic jam I encounter these days is when my kids decide to have a dance party in the hallway                during  my Zoom meetings.

10. I used to worry about my work-life balance. Now, I worry about my work-couch balance.