When Working from Home Goes Wrong Of Funny Jokes

1. My boss told me I could work from home forever.
   Now I just need to convince my pajamas to be business casual.

2. My commute to work these days consists of walking from my bed to the couch. It’s a tough journey, but I              manage.

3. Working from home has its perks.
    Today, I had a meeting with my cat, and he actually listened for once.

4. The best part about working remotely is that my coworkers can’t see me dancing like nobody’s watching              during conference calls.

5. My work-from-home attire is best described as
    “business on top, party at the bottom.” Hello, sweatpants!

6. I found a great work-from-home workout routine.
    It involves lifting my laptop lid 50 times a day.

7. My desk at the office is jealous of my desk at home.
    I actually keep it clean!

8. I thought working from home would give me more time to relax, but it turns out my kitchen is a                               procrastination paradise.

9. You know you’ve been working from home for too long when you start introducing yourself to your plants           during video meetings.

10. The hardest part of working remotely is resisting the urge to take a nap on my “lunch break.”