Jokes Of Father-Son Golfing Fails: The Funniest Shots Caught on Camera

1. Why did the dad cross the road with his son?
   To get to the silly side!

2. What do you call a dad who loves to tell dad jokes?
    A father figure!

3. What do you call a dad who’s also a doctor?
    A stethos-father!

4. Why did the dad bring a ladder to the football game?
    Because he wanted to see the quarterback!

5. Why did the son bring a ladder to school?
    He heard his grades were up in the clouds!

6. What do you call a dad who can’t tell jokes?
    A faux pa!

7. Why did the dad take his son to the library?
    So he could check out some dad jokes!

8. What do you call a dad who’s always late?
    A father time!

9. Why did the dad buy his son a dictionary?
    He wanted to improve his son’s pun-ctuation!

10. Why did the dad get a job as a photographer?
     He wanted to develop his dad jokes!